Epidural Injection L4 L5

Yesterday I received another epidural injection in the L4 L5 discs of my spine. I had one done about 1 month ago in the L5 S1 disk of my spine. My doctor says I can receive up to 3 epidural shots in a 6 month period. They definitely do help ease the pain in the back, but it will never be 100%. By the combination of epidural shots, physical therapy, and my pain medication; it has been possible to manage my back pain.

As I stated in my previous post, I have started exercising regularly again. I have been wearing one of the those back belts. They actually do make a bit of difference and it kind of forces good posture. Besides from muscle aches due to so much time off, my back has been doing okay. I have tried squatting with very light weight down to parallel position and it hasn’t really bothered me. However, I tried deadlifting with the same weight and I did start to feel a little bit of non-muscular pain in my back. In result of that, I decided to give up deadlifting and continue with the light weight squats. There is an apparatus at my gym where I can exercise my lower back with my own body weight; I’m going to try in a few days.

With respect to cardio, I have been using the elliptical machine. I like it very much. You can get a real good workout from that with minimal impact on the knees and back, maybe even more than jogging. You can set different strides, incline, and resistance that will allow you to exercise with more intensity. It allows for a nice smooth motion and really eliminates any high-impact that would come from normal jogging.

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